About my collection

Hello my name is Kees from the Netherlands.

Ones or twice i had made a pressed coin but didn't collect them yet.

End of july 2011 i started to collect them.

On this site you see the results of my collection.

Useful things to know

Pressed coins are known under different names such as:


souvenir munten, platgedraaide 5 cent, platgewalste 5 cent

souvenir müntze, souvenir prägung, Müntze Prägung

souvenir medaille, pressed coin, pressed penny, pressed pennies,

elongated coins, squashed pennies, pressed penny, pressed pennies,

pressed coins, streched coins, souvenir penny


The machines to make the coins are sometimes containing more

than one design. It can be one till 5 designs mostly pressed at one

side but this can also be pressed at both sides


Sometimes there's more than one machine to be found at a location.


The machines are mostly to be found in touristique places or at

a museum, Zoo, amusementpark/themepark like Disney.


In Europe you need to insert a coin of 1 Euro and 5ct in

but at some countries 1 Euro and 2ct

and rarely 2x 50ct and 5ct or 1 Euro and 10ct


Some coins in Europe have the same design but the coin is

another metal that's because of changing to Euro coins.

For instance in Germany there where pfennig coins before

the Euro and they had a gold colour and now a copper

5 Euro cent is used.


In some country's the manufacture put coins in the machine

wich are called jetons instead of using the 5ct coin because it

is in those country's not legal to use the 5ct to press it.

Those jetons are gold or copper coloured and sometimes silver.


Mostly are the machines manualy operated but in some countries

automactic driven machines are used.

Making a pressed coin at a manual operated machine

How do you make pressed coins!?

Put coins in the sleeve as shown on the picture

Spin the handle around untill the coin pops out of the machine

From currency to pressed coin

The so called jeton, the replacement for a currency coin

From jeton to pressed coin

Some coins are pressed on both sides like on the picture

The first pressed coin ever made